Classic 6-door living room dresser cabinet chest of drawer white distress finish




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Classic 6-Door Living Room Dresser Cabinet Chest of Drawer White Weathered Finish

Key Specifications

Product Size : (lxbxh) 135X50X75 cm

Packing Size : 145X60X85 cm
Knocked Down : No
Packaging Colli in nos : 1
Product Shape :  Rectangular
Color : White Distress finish
No of Drawer :- 6


This classic 6-door living room dresser gives a refined touch to your room. . Its modernized traditional style creates a timeless design, while adding lots of storage with six spacious deep drawers.

This chest blends traditional and rustic designs, creating a unique and stylish piece, perfect for any room. Create a neat space with a minimalist and sensual weathered finish cabinet.



  1. Made of 100% solid wood, this dresser features a sturdy construction that can last for years.
  2. The wooden drawers features smooth gliding and metal handles that perfectly match the finish.
  3. The wood has been well treated to keep the termites and borers at bay.
  4. White weathered finish gives a vintage charm and an attractive appeal to the cabinet.
  5. It is a floor mounted unit that can blend well with any room decor.
  6. It is a composite filing cabinet that can store documents as well as writing instruments and various accessories.



Take little care of the classic 6-door living room dresser to make it last for the years to come. This is how you can do it -

  1. White wood looks dirty and drab because dust is easy to see on it. Fortunately, you can simply solve this issue by wiping down your furniture once a week with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. Instead of using a feather duster, choose a dusting cloth. Cloths are more effective in removing dust and less prone to leave scratches on your furniture.
  3. Most oil and grease stains on white wood furniture can be removed using a little dish soap, just like any other kind of grime.
  4. Murphy Oil Soap or Fuller's Oil Soap are two examples of soaps designed specifically for wood that work well.
  1. Don’t forget to wipe the area dry when you’re done.
  2. If the little one at home has scribbled this beautiful white dresser then just dab little murphy oils soap and wipe off clean.

Never in the least try to scrub on the cabinet. It may take off the paint and polish