Fabric printed upholstered wooden bench for lounge walnut finish on legs

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Fabric printed upholstered wooden bench for lounge walnut finish on legs

 Material - Sagwan wood
Product Size-140x48x61cm

Packing size -150x58x71cm

Knock Down :-No
Colour :- Natural polish
Upholstered seat with side cushion
Knocked Down : No
Packaging Colli in nos : 1
Color :- Walnut finish on legs
Upholstered  seat and back with all sides



A bench with upholstery creates ambience as it is not only tranquil but also opulent. It really elevates the space.

This wooden bench can be the ideal option thatgives the room a sleek, contemporary touch and offers a comfortable place to sit. This may be one of the better options when you're exhausted and want to sit somewhere comfortable.




  1. This fabric printed upholstered wooden bench gives the space a chic and genuine appearance.
  2. The bench is durable and upheld to the highest standards, indicating that it will endure longer while offering comfort.
  3. The couch is sturdy and provides comfortable seating.
  4. The chair is supported by four sturdy stands that are crafted from the best and highest grade wood.
  5. The chair's fabric is smooth and has few textures, so the user can have a comfortable seat.
  6. The arms are well curved and padded to give a relaxing bend to hands.



Upholstered furniture could go on for generations if taken care of, wisely. Here are few tips to manage the padded couch.


  1. The fabric colour of the bench could fade out after a few years if it is exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Keep the furniture dry; otherwise, moisture may cause the chair to deteriorate.
  3. Using a dry cloth, dust the bench on a regular basis.
  4. If any beverages or liquids spill, wipe them up right away to prevent stains from setting in the bench's fabric.
  5. Strictly keep the sharp objects away else it may lead to tear and wear of the fabric.