Metal Frame wooden Shelves Side Table Nightstand Lamp Table




Side Table

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Metal Frame wooden Shelves  Side Table  Nightstand Lamp Table

  • Material :- Metal Frame And Wooden Shelves 
  • Product Size : 40x40x50 cm
  • Packing Size : 55x55x70 cm
  • Knocked Down : No
  • Packaging Colli in nos : 1


     A classic aesthetic design of this beautiful piece of furniture could be proven as the best elegant look to the bedroom. Convenient and easy to use, attractive with its own shine, this bedside table is a striking piece of art.


    Spruce up the bedroom with this fluted bedside table with drawer. This designer table can add a touch of allure to the bedroom. Use the space to create some interesting lighting or even a framed photograph.



    1. The furniture has a smooth surface with its own shine
    2. The brown color teak finish along with the fluted design of the drawer gives an aesthetic touch to the table.
    3. The wood has been well treated to keep the termites, borers, and bugs away.
    4. The drawer is enough spacious to keep the necessities or books or daily linens.
    5. The surface area can be utilized to display the decors or the flowers or some indoor plants.
    6. The superior quality sagwan wood assures durability and robustness.
    7. The joints are high quality ones and adds the sturdiness to the table.



    1. Remove dust from the wood using an upholstery brush.
    2. Avoid dragging the table as it may leak to weakening of joints and fixtures.
    3. Always place mats or coasters before placing any liquids on the table.
    4. Avoid anchoring the table near damp walls.
    5. Direct exposure to heat and water may reduce the life of the wood.