Wooden Chair Natural Walnut Finish In Acacia Wood

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Wooden Chair Natural Walnut Finish In Acacia Wood

  •    Material :- Acacia Wood                                                           
  •    Product Size-44x44x105cm                                                   
  •   Packing size -54x54x115 cm
  •    Knock Down :-No 
       Colour :- walnut polish 
  •     Packaging Colli in nos : 1


    When all you wish to have a seat on a comfortable place, this chair could be a perfect choice for it. The sofa chair not only adds an aesthetic and modern finish to the room but also provides with one of the relaxing seats. You are tired and wish to sit at some place cozy, this could be one of the best choices for those moments.


    1. The chair is durable, gives a prompt quality and seating.
    2. The chair stands on four strong stands, which are made out of one of the best and finest quality wood.
    3. The fabric that is on the chair is smooth and textures less, allowing the person to witness a soothing seat.
    4. The arms of the chair have a perfect design to rest your hands and relax at the right angles.
    5. One of the best parts of the upholstered furniture is the higher level of comfort as upholstery involves padding. This sofa chair upholstered with printed fabric gives comfort to sit on.


    1. The chair should not be exposed to direct sunlight, or the colour of the fabric may fade out after a few years.
    2. Keep the furniture out of moisture; otherwise it can be a cause for deterioration of the chair.
    3. On regular basis, dust off the chair with a dry cloth.
    4. In case of any spilled drinks or liquids, quickly wipe the liquid off otherwise it can cause a stain on the fabric of the chair.