Sagwan wood three drawer antique design Bedside table with white distress

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Side Table

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Sagwan wood  three drawer antique design  Bedside table with white distress 

Material - Sagwan wood
Product Size : (lxbxh) 50X45X50 cm
Packing Size : 60X55X60 cm
Knocked Down : No
Packaging Colli in nos : 1
Color :- White distress
No of drawer :-3

The people who wish to fit night stands camouflaging in the modern interiors, we at SRK furnitures have plethora of options so that you can make a perfect choice.

The bedside table is usually used to complement the entire decor of your bedroom. Moreover, you can display the showpieces such as flower vase, table lamps, clocks or photo frames to amplify its beauty.



  1. It has a wavy design, giving the furniture an aesthetic, minimalist and modern look.
  2. It has a smooth surface which is special for its own shine.
  3. The wood that is used as a stand is fine and stern.
  4. The surface area could be the best to put a lamp on it, near your bed, or to keep your jewellery on the table before you reach the land of your dreams.
  5. If all you wish to decor it with some plants, it could be an environment friendly choice which will also blossom up the room plus the aura.




  1. Remove dust from the wood and the rattan using a soft duster or an upholstery brush.
  2. Avoid dragging the table as it may split the rattan fibres.
  3. Always place mats or coasters before placing any liquids on the table.
  4. Keep the sharp objects away else it may harm the rattan.
  5. Vacuuming the table cleans the grimes and also the moulds (if any) grow on rattan. Do it on monthly basis.