Home furniture sagwan wood bedside end table with drawer natural finish

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Home Furniture Sagwan Wood Bedside End Table with Drawer Teak Finish

Key Specifications

Material - Sagwan wood
Product Size : (lxbxh) 40X40X45 cm
Packing Size : 50X50X55 cm
Knocked Down : No
Packaging Colli in nos : 1
Color : Natural finish


 A wooden bedside table can significantly improve the look of a conventional bedroom in addition to providing extra storage space. The home furniture sagwan wood bedside end table with drawerimpart the room with an elegant appearance giving it a wonderful touch.

Check out our incredible selection of side tables for rooms that combine style and storage with an elegant, roomy design at an affordable price. You can keep a great deal of stuff in this bedside table.



  1. The sagwan wood gives a sturdy frame to the bedside table to keep the laptop for late-night work.
  2. The wooden drawers are easy to slide and you can keep a lot of stuff in it like a wallet, keys, jewelry, etc.
  3. The nicely crafted sagwan wood bedside end table with drawerwith natural brown finish can give a positive atmosphere in the bedroom and the beautiful appearance too.
  4. The wood is well treated for protection against the termites, bugs and borers.
  5. The wooden knobs not only add to aesthetic looks of the bedside table but are also easy to hold while sliding the drawers.
  6. The side frame gives proper support to the table even while it is not anchored near the wall.



Home furniture sagwan wood bedside end table with drawer is fine piece of craftsmanship. It is easy to clean and maintain. The wood and finish can last for years with little care.

  1. The drawers are planted above the ground to help the ease of cleaning on the floor.
  2. The top surface of the solid wood side tables with drawer is made with smooth finish and can be cleaned easily.
  3. Place a runner, mat or coaster before keeping anything too hot or cold on the table.
  4. Avoid dragging anything on the top of the table as it may spoil the finish.
  5. Regular dusting with a dry or microfiber cloth is sufficient to keep the dirt and dust away.
  6. Once in a while vacuum cleaner can be used to the clean the nooks of the table which are usually not reachable.