Solid Sagwan Wood Bed in Natural Finish for Bed

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   Key Specifications

Material :  Solid Wood
Shape : Rectangular
Product Size : 210x180x90cm
Packing Size : 220x190x60 cm
Knocked Down : yes
Packaging Colli in nos : 1
Colour :- Natural wood finish


Modern rattan furniture is an undeniably fashion-forward piece of interior decor. The sangwan cane rattan wooden bed has the extraordinary ability to look fantastic in a variety of bedroom styles by using pastel and natural colours.

Whether your home radiates grandeur or is subtly minimalist, your new rattan bed will add texture, attract the eye, and harmonise with the style you already have.


  1. Constructed with the mango acacia and the teak wood, the sangwan cane rattan wooden bed in queen size has a strong and sturdy frame.
  2. The eye-catching colour and its artistic design make this bedattractive. The bed fits your home's style and is perfect for your bedroom. Adaptable to every season.
  3. The bed in an endearing hue comes with wooden slats and a cane headboard. This would provide enough support to your back while you are keen to read or work.
  4. You can rest easy knowing that the high-quality materials and sprung base system will give you a firm and supportive platform for a good night's sleep.
  5. This sangwan cane rattan bed will offer your house a chic, modern appearance.The superior craftsmanship in the frame adds a luxurious feel.


Robust and resilient is the sangwan cane rattan wooden bed in queen size . Despite rattan may initially appear weak, it is actually very strong and will withstand the test of time. This rattan bed will continue to look brand-new for years to come because it is simple to clean and maintain.

  1. It's ideal to clean the new rattan bed frequently and simply.
  2. You may get rid of any bothersome dust or leftover filth by regularly vacuuming the area around your bed frame.
  3. A quality polish spray will give your wooden bed a shiny appearance.
  4. An anti-bac spray will give your bed an appealing, fresh scent that will make you want to jump in.
  5. Although hardwood beds are durable, be aware that the improper wipes or sprays could harm the frame's lovely polish.
  6. Be careful not to soak the material in liquid; instead, choose rattan-friendly cleaning chemicals and use delicate cloths to wipe out your new valued property.