Wooden Bed Mid Walnut Color Minimalist Queen Size (6X6 ft) bed Teak Finish with Zig -Zag Panal

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          Key Specifications

  •  Size:-210x180x100 cm
  • Material:-Sagwan Wood
  • Colour:-Natural wood colour
  • Shape:-Rectangular
  • Knocked down:-yes
  • Back design:-Zig-zag panel 


Selecting for the perfect minimalist and well-built bed frame in king size could be daunting. We ease your chore and bring in here the minimalist king size wooden bed.

The minimalist bed is both beautiful to look at and made with durable materials.


  1. A flat, smooth surface with prominent, precise lines makes strong statements that emphasize the minimalist bed's significance.

  2. A headboard made with a checkerboard pattern and spindle legs, along with a trendy craftsmanship, bring elegance and intrigue to your bedroom.

  3. Teak wood is used for manufacturingas a well-made wooden bed can last for long years.

  4. The wood of this minimalist king size bedpasses through stringent quality checks to keep the termites, bugs, borers, and the moisture at bay.

  5. The exquisite fixtures, joints and supports come with a guarantee of quality, contemporary style, and absolute elegance

  6. A perfect walnut finish offers the rich look to the bed which adds to the appeal of the bedroom.

  7. It has a natural aesthetic that blends with various colours and patterns of the room.


    We pay the utmost attention to the minute details while the product is under manufacturing. Quality is the paramount and this minimalist king size wooden bed is built-up with the supreme quality checks. A little care at home, can add extra years to the life of the bed.


    1. Use a dry cloth to dust out the bed.

    2. Vacuum cleaner can effectively remove dust from the corners and below the bed.

    3. Wood friendly cleaning products can be used for an easy cleaning routine.

    1. Do not over-saturate the minimalist bed with water or liquid as this may cause damage.

    2. Avoid dragging the bed to relocate. Instead lift the bed to move or call us for assistance.

    3. Avoid using any harsh fabrics and cleaning cloths on the wooden bed