Engineered Wood King Size Bed With Storage Box in Teak Finish

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      Engineered Wood King Size Bed With Storage Box in Teak Finish

        Key Specifications

  •  Product Size : 210x180x100 cm
  • Packing Size :210x110x50 cm
  • Knocked Down : Yes
  • Packaging Colli in nos : 2
  • Product Shape :  Rectangular
  • Material : Engineered Wood
  • Color :  Brown


    After a long day of work all one wants to do is sprawl on a bed. You need a robust bed that requires little upkeep.An excellent engineered wood bed will do.

    This engineered wood king size bed with storage box in teak finish is built for modern living. It hascontemporary appeal and adds a great deal of value and comfort to your life.


    1. This engineered wood king size bedis economical and sturdy, giving you the chance to update your furniture.
    2. This engineered wood bed has plenty of storage space. Not only in form of the boxes but you can neatly arrange the back hold of the bed with some decorative candles and reading books.
    3. This king size bed is carved out of the superior quality engineered wood that makes it durable and long-lasting.
    4. This bed has been treated with proper chemical conducts to keep the termites, borer and bugs at bay
    5. Quality, fresh design, and utmost elegance are guaranteed with the superb fixtures, joints, and supports.
    6. The smooth brown/teak finishes on the king size bed gives an elegant look and smooth finish to touch.


    This engineered wood king size bedcan last you for years if handled with care. Although it does not require too much maintenance, one has to make sure of certain things to maintain the quality and finish of the bed.

    1. The characteristic of engineered wood allows the flexibility to make furniture as dense and sturdy as required.
    2. Always keep this engineered wood king size bed away from excessive sunshine, moisture, heat, and cold to maintain its longevity.
    3. Use a cloth wet with diluted cleaning polish to frequently clean the surface. A moist cloth dipped in mild soap or cleaning polish can be used to wipe away spills or smudges.
    4. Engineered furniture is lighter in weight and can be moved around easily but avoid relocating or moving very often.
    5. CAUTION: With our selection of bedrooms furniture, we advise against using furniture polish, chemical solvents, and cleaners.