Study Wooden Computer Table Engineered Wood with Storage Study Table work from home desk.




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Study Wooden Computer Table Engineered Wood with Storage Study Table work from home desk

Key Specifications:

.Material - Engeneer wood
Product Size : (lxbxh) 90X45X70 cm
Knocked Down : Yes
Packaging Colli in nos : 1
Color :- Teak finish
No of Drawer :- 1
No of Shelves :- 1



If you are in search of everything within easy reach, SRK’sstudy wooden computer tableis your true call. A drawer and an open shelf, spacious table-top– this latest study table gives you that all in one.

It is crafted from high-quality engineered wood that makes it durable for years to come.



  1. Study wooden computer table engineered wood with storage comes with an aesthetic appeal to blend with the furniture of any room.
  2. The study wooden computer table in a straightforward, warm design has unique grain in brown finish
  3. 1 easy to slide drawer with integrated handle and 1 open shelf makes it a versatile table that can be used to study or work.
  4. The sturdy and strong wooden frame provides the table with robust support and durability.
  5. The PVC edge banding makes the table durable and alsoprotects it from moisture.
  6. The top of the table has enough space to place the laptop and work efficiently.



Easy to go techniques will add longevity to this study wooden computer table engineered wood with storage.


  1. Dust the furniture with a soft duster.
  2. In case of a spill, do not leave the stain unattended. Wipe it off straightaway.
  3. Do not use rough or excessive moisture cloth for cleaning.
  4. Ensure that the furniture does not have any exposure to moisture and heat.
  5. Please make sure you use mats and coasters before keeping any hot or cold items on the table.
  6. Do not drag the table to relocate it, as this might weaken the joints. Instead, lift the wooden furniture if you want to move it.