Double Door Engineered Wood Strong Sturdy Spacious Depth Can Hang Coats

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  Double Door Engineered Wood Strong Sturdy Spacious Depth Can Hang Coats


        Key Specifications:

  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood
  • Finish Color - American walnut
  • Knock Down :- Yes
  • (LengthXWidth x Height):90cm X 45 cm x 180 cm
  • Number Of Doors: 2
  • Number Of Shelves: 3
  • Weight: 60


  • Overview:

     Organize any room wherever extra storage is needed. Simple wardrobes are great space savers and look great in any room. 

     Now it would be easier for you to organise your clothing segments in a spacious wardrobe. A practical and pocket- friendly wooden cupboard is now just a click away.


          1.  The sturdy design and frame of this double door engineered wood             wardrobe  offers you enough space inside to even hang your coats.


    1. The engineered wood is treated with the chemicals for protection against the termites, bugs, and borers.


    1. The shelves inside the cupboard are designed to provide enough space to organize your clothes or accessories.
    2. The teak finish color gives a contemporary and appealing look the wooden wardrobe. It would add to the exquisiteness of the room.


    1. The robust handles on the double door engineered wood wardrobe offers a firm grip to hold while opening or closing the cupboard.


    1. The cupboard is made finely out of engineered wood to provide durability and resilience.


    A well designed and craft ed cup board not only organises your clothing and accessories but also helps to de-clutter your space. The almirah will remain flawless, retain its quality and will lasts longer if a little care at home is taken.

    1. Ensure that this double door engineered wood wardrobe does not have any exposure to moisture and water.
    2. Protect the material from direct sunlight and heat to maintain its original quality. Too much heat and sunlight will fade the polish and the color.
    3. Avoid keeping your furniture next to windows where it can be exposed to direct sunlight.
    4. Avoid moving the cupboard or sliding it frequently as this may result in scratches or the wear and tear of the wood.
    5. Cleaning the wardrobe with a dry cloth or use of a wooden friendly cleanser is recommended.
    6. Make sure that the cupboard is not placed against a damp wall. The moisture of the wall will spoil the polish.