Wooden leather bed in rectangle

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Wooden leather bed in rectangle

Key Specifications

Product Size : 224x199x84 cm
Packing Size :234x200x94 cm
Knocked Down : Yes
Packaging Colli in nos : 2
Product Shape :  Rectangular
Color :  Brown
Back design:- Storage head board


 A velvety upholstered headboard, as opposed to say, a wooden headboard, will significantly boost your comfort and cosiness if you frequently read, watch TV, or use a computer in bed. You won't have to spend each night holding your neck up with mounds of pillows if you choose a bed with an integrated cushion.


An upholstered bed is the most straightforward way to add texture, colour, or pattern (or all three!) to your bedroom.



  1. The bed adds a delightful softness to the bedroom because it is cushioned and covered with fabric.
  2. The bed is warm and inviting, beckoning you to unwind. An upholstered bed is certainly your cup of tea if your aesthetic leans more towards homey than elegant.
  3. If the secret to happiness lies in reading and watching TV in bed. This bed provides a soft-yet-firm backrest against which you can cuddle up while sitting up comfortably.
  4. The queen size wooden bed has enough storage below the mattress to store blankets, extra beddings, clothes, cushion, etc.
  5. The wood has been protected against any kinds of bugs and termites.
  6. Walnut finish adds a classic appeal to this upholstered bed.



    Not to mention, upholstered furniture is far more resilient. Yet it needs to be maintained. To keep it in good shape, you must clean it frequently. The good news is that cleaning upholstered furniture is a breeze.


    1. A wet cloth is all you need!
    2. Get the appropriate stain remover for the fabric if there are stains, and you should be fine.
    3. To keep your furniture spotless, upholstery shampooers are also available.
    4. Avoid spilling any kinds of liquids, and if you play it at times, remember to quickly grab a cloth and just wipe the drink off.